Saturday 9 November 2013



 Good afternoon everybody, it's been a while, apologies for my absence, I've been rather busy in The Sett over the past few months.

Well, a lot has happened since we last spoke, I have a new addition to my Brompton Family, please welcome "Tommy" to the fold.


Tommy is an H6LX in Raw Lacquer, with a few mods, namely a Brooks Flyer Special saddle, which was soooo comfortable to sit on right from the start.
Tommy also has a set of Brooks leather hand grips fitted, a pair of Eazy Wheels, and a set of Marathon tyres.

A lot of folk ask me if there is a real weight difference with the Ti Brompton frame in comparison to a steel framed one my answer is a resounding NO, I have found no noticeable difference, mind you, I do load my B for a weeks holidays whenever I go out, Lol.

The real difference that I must say is wonderful, is that IMHO, the whole ride is so much smoother.
I say this, as I have found that with the Ti front forks, and Ti rear triangle, the road vibration through the tyres is almost non existent, the whole ride on Tommy reminds me of a tin of tomato soup with creme fresh, VERY smooth and soft, a total delight.

Tommy is a delight to ride, fortunately, I managed to purchase Tommy before Brompton ceased the manufacture of Tiyanium bikes due to the scarcity of this metal.

Just one last important plea from both myself and the Badger Family, please, please, please, if you do go out on your bicycle during these darker days, please use your lights, day or night.

Be safe, ride well, and may the wind be always at your back.

The Brompton Badger.


  1. Phew, so it was only a hibernation? I was getting worried there for a month or two - or three?

  2. Five Bromptons in your collection now!

  3. Good morning BMc, of course, you're not keeping up with the times Sir, this has been the case for about 6 weeks now, I'm considering another, tho I don't think Mrs Badger will be too happy. How are you Sir? Hopefully you and yours are in the peak of health and waiting for Christmas. Be safe.


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