Sunday, 5 May 2013

My Brompton and Coffee

The two things that, if I dare confess I am a bit of a  "Raincoat" with, are my Brompton bikes, which are as follows:

  1. BLUEY -My 1999 Cobalt Blue M6R.
  2. POPPY - My 2009 Matt Black M3R with 12% reduced gearing for the hills, (I loathe and detest hills, more about that on another post).
  3. BRADLEY - My 2012  Raw Lacquer H6R, (My favourite bike).
  4.  "H" - My 2012 Racing Green/Sage Green H6R. (This is actually Mrs Badgers bike , but I do all the maintenance/cleaning on a very regular basis).


Be it Black, white, Capacino, Americano, hot or cold, I just love the stuff.

I am, if I'm honest with myself, a bit of an addict where Coffee is concerned, and cannot go past a Coffee Shop without the need to stop, in order to see if they have a blend that I haven't seen before.      I just can't help it.

Please do me a favour Folks, if you have a favourite Coffee Shop, please let me know where it is, provide a link if possible, and I'll try to get out to visit the place to try out your recommendation for myself.

Ok, I need to go as I have a fresh Coffee to prepare and some work to do on "H" before MrsB. and I go out for an afternoon adventure on our BROMPTON'S.

Many thanks for visiting my Sett, have a great day, whatever your doing.

Be safe.