Sunday, 5 May 2013

My Brompton and Coffee

The two things that, if I dare confess I am a bit of a  "Raincoat" with, are my Brompton bikes, which are as follows:

  1. BLUEY -My 1999 Cobalt Blue M6R.
  2. POPPY - My 2009 Matt Black M3R with 12% reduced gearing for the hills, (I loathe and detest hills, more about that on another post).
  3. BRADLEY - My 2012  Raw Lacquer H6R, (My favourite bike).
  4.  "H" - My 2012 Racing Green/Sage Green H6R. (This is actually Mrs Badgers bike , but I do all the maintenance/cleaning on a very regular basis).


Be it Black, white, Capacino, Americano, hot or cold, I just love the stuff.

I am, if I'm honest with myself, a bit of an addict where Coffee is concerned, and cannot go past a Coffee Shop without the need to stop, in order to see if they have a blend that I haven't seen before.      I just can't help it.

Please do me a favour Folks, if you have a favourite Coffee Shop, please let me know where it is, provide a link if possible, and I'll try to get out to visit the place to try out your recommendation for myself.

Ok, I need to go as I have a fresh Coffee to prepare and some work to do on "H" before MrsB. and I go out for an afternoon adventure on our BROMPTON'S.

Many thanks for visiting my Sett, have a great day, whatever your doing.

Be safe.



  1. Please do tell me more about the reduced gearing - did you get a 44T Chainwheel?
    BTW My fave local coffee shop is Il Cappuccino in Briançon in The French Alpes. If you are ever over here I will Brompton down and buy you a coffee. No site, but this is a link with a map:

  2. Hi Rick.
    Yes, I had the chain wheel on Poppy changed to 44T on the recommendation of one my LBC members, and what a difference it's made, I still find hills a bit of a challenge, (Poor leg circulation following 2 heart attacks

  3. As I was saying, 44T, is brilliant for the hills, tho, I think the only thing that will get me up the hills where you live, would be a high powered car.

  4. It seems that I have been addicted to your blog Mr.B! Another fine write up by you and the love for your Bromptons. What really excites me it the thing which we have in common - the love for wheels. I also consider myself a bit of a outdoorsy person, but I just could not do that on a bike. A motorcycle maybe, but I'd rather prefer (like you previously stated), a high powered car.
    This make me wonder, that with so many used car parts portals around, which even deal in pre owned cars, It is a good idea to grab a fairly used truck from them and hitch it to the trailer and head off to the hills this weekend. God! I am really getting this 'anticipation friday' thing to me already!


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