Sunday, 28 April 2013


Hello Everyone.

My name is The Brompton Badger, I am a total Brompton bicycle fanatic, I own 4 Brompton bikes, (At the moment), I really can't explain my fascination for this multi modal "MOBILITY AID", other than to say that it's totally BRITISH made, is beautiful in design, and has been responsible for my meeting so many new friends that I've met through the LONDON BROMPTON CLUB, a Facebook generated club that was created by myself and iCrazyBee who owns his beloved Brompton bike called Bumble Bee, back in 2011.

I'd like this Blog to be an account of my many adventures on my BROMPTON'S, who go by the names of Bradley, Poppy, Bluey and "H".

First of all I need to get the layout of this page sorted out and I will then be divulging full details of my many adventures, together with lots of photos of my comings and goings throughout the year.

I really do hope that you all enjoy reading about my adventures and come back whenever you can to see what I've been up to.

Be safe, and I will speak to you all again soon.



  1. "Great blog...I certainly share your love of all things Brompton..and coffee...and also the great friendships that develop...I look forward to reading about your Brompton adventures as the stories unfold...Congratulations and good luck...David Hunter"

  2. Thank you David, I'm glad you like my blog Sir.


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